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The Dead Poets Society
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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
10:53 pm
Tales of Scars

The sharpness from the blade
The smoothness of the skin
The innocence that breaks
From the first and foremost pain,
Blood running down my arms,
Crimson red;
So clean, so pure,
Never ending...
The voices within
Start crying to me,
Begging me to end,
This emotional distress...
I can't control these pains
The ones that come from within,
The only pain(s) I can control,
Are left in scars
On these feeble arms...

I'm dying slowly
Yet no one can help,
I'm always crying
Yet always in, never out,
I'm begging God to take this life
Yet He always refuses,
I'm always asking
Yet no one answers...

I'm cutting and cutting
And the blood keeps
Running and running,
Right on down these feeble arms
Right on down to the tips of my toes,
My only release
My only freedom
Is this sharp pocket blade
That just keeps going and going,
Left and right
Up and down,
Leaving scars of freedom
From east to west
North and south...
Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
10:54 am

What the heck, I offer up this thing too:


The sight of ice, light forming patterns

twist, connect and burn the eyes.

I watch it turning, feel it burning,

a thousand crystal fragments in the multi-patterned light.

crystalline, evangeline,

pure shine of white and crystal fragments.

The lifeless ice, the ice-cold patterns,

crystal death so beautiful.

I feel it cutting, my eyes shutting,

I can't stare at the beauty of the crystal-patterned light.

crystalline, evangeline,

hurtful shine of color and glass-ice.

cold so beautiful,

a death so wonderful,

I cannot see the blood among the multi-patterned light.

10:29 am

It's been something like forever since I posted here. My journal used to be under "callmeh," but I've since switched journals. I haven't been writing any poetry for a while, but here's something I just sat down and scribbled out.

I offer up this thing:

That all our fears may rest content,

that no wolves may catch our scent,

that in blue light our nights be spent,

let us draw the veil down.

That all our dreams may steal our minds,

that what each man seeks he finds,

that we may never look behind,

let us hide ourselves tonight.

Let everything we do be right,

let us never rise and show

all the things we need to know.

Hide the black wings from our sight.

Let us dream of purple skies,

of lands where tears will never fall.

Let us draw it to us all,

this dream of pretty painted lies.

That all our minds may sleep this day,

that we may drive the wolves away,

that we may sing and laugh and pray,

let us draw the veil down.

That all our eyes are wide and blue,

that every word we say be true,

that there be love for me and you,

let us hide ourselves tonight.

I don't think it's much, but I have yet to get back in the groove.

Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
7:54 pm
If Walls Could Talk

If this thousand year house could speak
It’d tell you the horrors it has seen,
From horrors only the mind could dream
To those you would not even believe
Even if it was your eyes that had seen...

It would tell you about the young boy
Who seemed so sweet and innocent
Small hands that tried to catch the fireflies that gently flew by
Those innocent eyes that spoke only of sanity,
These walls would tell you,
The young boy, seemingly innocent, but inside, a monster that waited for night,
Waiting for the sunset
Waiting for the right moment to strike
He killed his family, his father, his mother
And last but not least, his beloved sister,
The father was first to go,
Sleeping soundlessly did his murderer take hold,
With an axe in one hand
The young boy butchered his father
Right down to the very shreds,
Next came the worthless mother
Whom he thought deserved to live as long as a psychotic murderer
Short and full of pain,
He cut her stomach into pieces of blood soaked flesh
Then taunting her with the butcher’s knife
Only to deliver the final thrust an hour later
His last victim was his beloved sister
She was his only love; his only joy,
In his delicate eyes, she was all of beauty itself,
She was the Goddess, the one soul that gave him eternal happiness,
But pain and hunger of the monster within
Gradually overpowered the soon feeble mind,
He took his one love, one joy
He took her breath on Hollow’s Eve,
He took her happiness, her smiles, her eternal joy from life...

The walls themselves would tell you of yet another
A tale about the beauty of the black widow
She was in fact a beauty
Long black curly hair, dark mysterious brown eyes
Succulent full rosy lips,
Firm, yet smooth soft breasts,
Legs, straight, soft, luscious, always inviting a yearning soul
But beauty comes with a price,
At night she waits for a lost soul
A precious man to sooth her “woes”...
She’ll invite them in for a midnight stroll
First she’ll please her inner human desires
Then she must feast to keep her beauty...
She’ll stay and wait till the young soul is soundlessly sleeping
Then she’ll strike like the widow herself
Like a web, the man entangled
Unable to move or break free
She’ll lower her body down towards him
Paralyzed with terror the man will be,
She’ll taunt and play with her prey,
Human emotions will break in and out
Sadness and pain will sometimes befall,
And soon her beauty will fade to none,
The hideous witch that hides behind the once lustrous beauty,
She’ll lower herself unto her prey
Prying his mouth wide open
Her tongue elongated like rubber,
She forces it down his throat
Sucking his internal body dry...

Once she’s done
Her body will again become restored
Her beauty back once again...
The left over corpse
She’ll eat as an early morning entrée...

If these walls could talk it would tell you
All who come leave with painful deaths,
Leaving the land of the living
Entering the land of the dead...
All who remain fall under the house’s spell
Your every dream and fantasy turned inside out,
Your every horror and nightmare,
Will become your life,
Your pitiful
Thursday, July 1st, 2004
9:13 am
Endless Orbit

Round and round in circles we go
Round and round we never seem to stop
From pleasures to horrors
Round and round we seem to go...
Tears are shed from the pain they cause,
They play with our emotions
Our mind and thoughts,
They sense our weaknesses
And turn them against us
They sense are strengths
And use those against us
They see every aspect of our lives,
They hold onto us
Gripping tightly and unmercifully,
Yet when the right time comes
They let us go by loosely,
Yet in the end it’s we who have suffered
For they are merely playing,
We’re the ragged dolls
They toss and throw
They painfully tear us in half
Yet ironically,
They painfully sew us back together
Only to hurt us more in the end...
Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
11:22 pm
In someone else's shadow
I walked
From someone else's breath
I breathed
Through someone else's eyes
I saw
From someone else's hands
I could feel
In someone else's dreams
I saw myself
And I woke up
I woke up
8:14 am
Attention Writers!
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(cross-posted many places)
Friday, June 18th, 2004
3:13 pm
Wounded Victim

The gentle heart once young and sweet
Untainted, peaceful, calming
The gentle heart beneath her skin
That throbbed with fresh clean blood...
But all sweet things aren’t meant to last
With the God’s such envious hands,
Or maybe even fate would not
Allow such blessings to pass,
So came that day
When hell unleashed,
Came swarming for her heart
The man she once trusted
Believed in, cared for, loved,
The first to cut her clean
Not a clean clear shorten cut
But a deep slow painful stab
Penetrating deep to the very core
And as if that wound was not enough
He follows up with stubble stabs
Short and quick
Stab, stab, stab...
Her heart by now
Pour with pain
Followed by anguish, cries, and tears,
Though as time passes by
This wound fades to none; near sweet oblivion,
But as such sweet things
Are never meant to last,
The wound is again lashed
Ripped and torn by that very same man...
Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
12:57 pm
There are two sides
To every story
But my view is askew
And I can only see
My angle
Yours is just
Too far away
And out of my sight
I am transforming
Into something new
And you
Too far out of my view
To notice
By the time
You manage to look
Take the time to see
The angle
May be too slippery
And I may become
Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
3:58 pm
3:47 pm
3:34 pm
3:19 pm
2:53 pm
Friday, June 4th, 2004
11:45 am
Did you really think I'd let you
Continue this charade?
How silly you are to have thought
I'd continue to take the blame
And all of the responsibility
For everything
And I'm just a little curious
Why am I the only one?
Why am I the only one standing here now?
You said yourself
I'm the only one to take your shit
Well your shit's piled too high
And the smell is nauseating
And I'm tired
To tired to take the blame
This time I'm standing
On my own two feet
Standing up for what I believe
And you cannot take the fact
That I'm just not going to bow down to you
That I'm not going to raise my cup
And drink to the world of you
When I have a world of my own
And you hate the fact
That deep within you know I am right
And it's eating you inside
That your pride won't let you admit
What you know in your heart
And your selfishness makes you strange
Your anger and rage make you ugly
And I cannot believe you thought
I'd continue this charade
How silly, you thought I'd once again
Take the blame
Well, no more, my dear, angry, lonely friend
I will no longer stand here
And allow you to try and rule
I will not stand or stick around
And be your target........Versemonger '04
Thursday, June 3rd, 2004
4:21 pm
If you can feel this community slowly dying, then raise your hand.
4:13 pm
Join me in the new poetry community!


Post all of your poetry, music lyrics, and odd thoughts-- We welcome all!

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Monday, May 31st, 2004
7:32 pm
old capt’n mick

flapping water turns the little boat through a do-si-do
unsung static fizzles on the radio
jellyfish bubbles flirt in the crying wine
old capt’n mick pounding bottles in a jonaswhale jail
waltzing waves spin his head –promenade
hardly he’ll notice the lurch
should boat meet rain-pocked sand
Saturday, May 29th, 2004
7:03 pm
Something new in the works...
Teen Lust

Why hello my friend
We meet again
At a random occasion as always
I guess I know what this means
Its that time again
Time again for meaningless,
pointless, endless teen lust

boys and girls
Here is a story
of Teenage lust
we really don't have feeling for each other
Or maybe not even care for each other, or just one does

But we still go at like we have something
the boy shows you affection like no other
kissing your neck
your forehead
All over

Smothering you in kisses
while holding you
making you feel special
In return

You degrade yourself
By making his little friend happy
maybe return the favor of kissing his neck
his ears, boys love that you know

you nibble on their ears and they go wild
You act like you are enjoying it
And maybe you do
At the time... At least
but in the end

It was pointless
meaningless, waist of time
of a not so act of love
just teen lust
the thing that hurts you inside
because its not love

Current Mood: creative
Friday, May 28th, 2004
1:22 pm
I'd like to keep all my work in one place so when you get the time please critique anything in my writing journal isolating. I'm really hoping for comments like this one because I've been told that I have problems with grammar and tense but the person refused to get in detail and I'd like to know what spicificaly to work on.

[edit] Since it was requested, jumping in point
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